High Angle Rope Rescue Awareness

16 Hours

Specifically designed for emergency services professionals, the high angle rescue technique workshop will introduce the student rescuer to the fundamental safety principles of working with heights. The student rescuer will learn the about the equipment, basic rope skills, and gain valuable hands on experience performing these skills in a mentored environment. Student rescuers will exit this workshop with a solid foundation to build on, well preparing them to pursue technician certification

In this 16 hour workshop student rescuers will be exposed to various team building exercises including live scenarios over rugged terrain, requiring problem solving and patient care skills.

Pre-Requisites: FRO’s High Angle Rescue Intro workshop

Course Length: 14 hours

Required Equipment: CSA approved helmet and safety boots, and utility gloves

Instructor: Experienced High Angle Rescue Professional and Paramedic

Completion criteria: 100% attendance, demonstrated proficiency on all course topics

Certification: High Angle Rescue Techniques Awareness certificate

Course topics include:

  • Inspecting equipment for damage and wear
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Belay systems
  • Load release hitch
  • 3:1 systems
  • Ascending a line
  • Descending a line
  • Lowering a load using break bar rack
  • Switching devices while suspended
  • Pick off

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