About Us

First Response Ontario (FRO) is a professional paramedic service provider to special and sporting events, film and television productions, and industrial sites across Ontario an beyond.

Our team of industry experienced healthcare professionals will give you peace of mind knowing that our professionalism and clinical excellence are among our highest priorities.

To learn more about our services please contact our office toll-free 1-866-FRO-EMS-1 (376-3671) or by email info@froems.com

What We Offer:

  • Fully certified paramedics who are specialists in patient extrication and emergency pre-hospital care.
  • These highly trained medical professionals provide dedicated stand-by teams for your special event.
  • FRO Crews are ready to respond to all types of emergencies to provide medical assessment and treatment, and recommendations on transport to hospital.
  • Effective and discreet injury management.
  • Event Management Risk Analysis and custom tailored response planning.
  • High profile uniformed Paramedics, and low profile plain clothed Paramedics to blend with guests.
  • Lost child/parent checkpoint and free blood pressure clinic.
  • Comprehensive Patient Care Reports, detailed Event Occurrence Summary, and completion of any required insurance injury reports.
  • Full complement of modern equipment and supplies.
  • Wide range of service vehicles including ambulance-style vehicles, rapid response cars, all-terrain vehicles, and bicycles.
  • Radio communication equipment.

Why Choose FRO EMS?

  • Enjoy reduced insurance premiums when a dedicated medical responder is covering your event.
  • Only FRO offers an enhanced Symptom Relief Medication Program, providing a superior level of care and capability.
  • Confidence and peace of mind from knowing our patient care skills and professionalism are among our highest priorities.
  • Discounted rates to non-profit charitable organizations and preferred rates to repeat clients with numerous bookings per Annam.
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